Our Valuable Clients  
  Production Process
Compound Mixing :-

Tulsi Rubber Products Pvt. Ltd. introduced automated chemical weighing system for accurate weighing to meet requisite quality of mixing :-

The mixing process has got two options namely

by using dispersion Kneader
by using open roll mixing mill
Hose Manufacturing :-

Extrusion of Inner Tube by using Hot Feed as well as Cold Feed Extruder.

Braiding / Knitting with Braiding OR knitting Machine.
Outer Cover with Cold feed extruder having Poka yoke provision for OD Control.
Moulding : -

Moulded items including Metal rubber bonded items are manufactured by Hydraulic & Electric presses, with in-house supporting activities.

Wire Embedded / Wrapped Hoses :-

Hoses required for Suction application & having typical profiles which can not be manufactured with Smooth Outer Cover process, are manufactured by this process.

Rubber Sheet & Rubberised Fabrics :-

Our esteemed customers who require Rubber Sheets of various polymers & Rubberised fabrics with basic Fabric like Cotton, Nylon duly Coated with various polymers required as per end use of fabric are manufactured by uses of Calender Machine & Spreading Machine. Rubberised fabric is also used as re-enforcement for Wire Embedded / Wrapped Hoses.

Foot Wear :-

We proud to serve the nation by supplying Boot Combat White High Altitude for years together. Along with the same we also have successfully developed NBC Over Boot meant for Indian Army, Navy & Air Force. These items are labour oriented & are manufactured totally by usage of skilled manpower.