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Smooth Outer Cover Hose

Extrusion of Inner Tube by using Hot Feed as well as Cold Feed Extruder.

  • Braiding / Knitting with Braiding or knitting Machine for re-enforcement
  • Outer Cover with Cold feed extruder having Poka yoke provision for OD Control.

The critically placed parts of engine can be connected by such type of hoses, where media which passes through is oil, air, water, gas, Brake fluid & coolant etc.

Moulded Items

Moulded items including Metal rubber bonded items are manufactured by Hydraulic & Electric presses, with in-house supporting activities. The hoses manufactured by moulding method are generally used as Engine exhaust, Suction, Air Filters hoses etc.

from 20 mm to 150 mm
from -35 to 145º C
Vacuum Pressure
400 to 1200 mm Water Column
Engine Hose, Suction Hose, Air Filter Hose, Anti Vibration Mountings etc.

Wire Embedded / Wrapped Hose

Hoses required for Suction application & having typical profiles which can not be manufactured with Smooth Outer Cover process, are manufactured by this process. While building of hoses Spring Steel Wire is used for reinforcement. The assembly place where the mounting of regular profiled hoses is difficult such types of hoses are used to ease the assembly.

from 20 mm to 350 mm
from - 30 to 140º C
Engine Hose, Suction Hose, Air Filter Hose etc.
Engine Hose, Suction Hose, Air Filter Hose etc.

Assembled Hoses

In order to replace metal bend at joints these are used. It reduces the assembly time of engine & also reduce the engine vibrations.

from 10 mm to 150 mm
from - 35 to 145º C

Silicon Hose

Silicon Hose are considered where high temperature resistance is called for. These hose can used where temperature range from -50º C to 250º C. These are also used in aging resistance, electrical resistance applications like Turbo Charger hoses, CAC hoses etc.

Burst Pressure
15 Bar Max.
from 20 mm to 350 mm
from -40 to 250º C
High Temp. resistance hoses, turbocharger hoses, Heater hoses etc.

Rubber Sheet & Rubberised Fabrics

Our esteemed customers who require Rubber Sheets of various polymers & Rubberised fabrics with basic Fabric like Cotton, Nylon duly Coated with various polymers required as per end use of fabric are manufactured by uses of Calender Machine & Spreading Machine. Rubberised fabric is also used as re-enforcement for Wire Embedded / Wrapped Hoses.

  • Plain Rubber Sheets & 1 to 10 ply cotton / nylon inserted Rubber sheets of 1.10 Mtr. Width in running length having thickness up to 5 mm can manufactured by calender process.
  • Natural Rubber Sheets, Butyl Rubber Sheets, Nitrile Rubber Sheets, Neoprene Rubber Sheets, EPDM Rubber Sheet, Silicone Rubber Sheet
  • basic Fabric like Cotton, Nylon duly Coated with Natural / Synthetic elastomer coating, single / both side coating, with thickness of 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm and widths upto 1.1 m and in long lengths.
  • Our special products include,

    I. Functionally critical “Aluminum Coated Rubberized Fabric” required for Air Force used as Fuel Tank Liner of Aero planes.

    II. 1 to 10 Plied Rubberized Fabric for Card Clothing purpose.

Foot Wear

We proud to serve the nation by supplying Boot Combat White High Altitude for last 3 decades.

  • Boot Combat White High Altitude:-

    Boot Combat Rubber insulated manufactured in White colour, in sizes 5 to 12 in medium, large & Extra large fitting. Boot Combat are manufactured from woolen lining sealed between rubber layer. The boots are intended for use at high altitude in snow bound regions.

NBC Equipments

Along with boot combat high altitude we have successfully developed NBC Over Equipments for Indian Army, Navy & Air Force.

  • NBC Overboot :

    NBC Overboot can be worn over normal Foot Wear with NBC garments and provide protection for 24 hours against NBC contaminants or chemical agents without hampering combat tasks & can be decontaminated for re-use.

    Our overboot are manufactured in black colour, from butyl rubber, inner: cotton stockinet for back reinforcement antiskid sole design & being over boot it has only two general sizes i.e 5-7 & 8-11 polyacetal buttons and nylon laces

  • NBC Decontamination Suit :

    The requirement of NBC Decontamination Suit is worn over normal clothing to provide protection from fire & radioactive fallouts, hazardous chemical and biological gents, toxic gases during decontamination operations for 2 hours & can be decontaminated for reuse. This is impermeable type & available in universal size.

    It is manufactured in O. G. colour, from flame retardant coated butyl nylon fabric having low gas permeability, activated charcoal coated non woven fabric in hood, pockets and rear for added protection against chemical warfare agents